B is for bleed

– the extent to which a picture fills a page. A full bleed is where colour is used right the very edge of a page.

C is for copy

as in written editorial content. Also conference, a twice daily meeting at which underlings are ritually humiliated for the sadistic enjoyment of high-ups. Also clickbait: an online article that looks interesting and/or salacious and glamorous but is, in fact, very...

D is for deadline

, the point in time when writers begin to write. Also dummy copy, random words used to fill columns as a page is designed or laid out. Latin words are often used.

E is for editor

a newspaper woman or man who is always right even when patently wrong. E is also for emeritus – an honorific added to a job title to ease the pain of upcoming redundancy. According to media myth Rupert Murdoch says that ‘e-‘ stands for...